New communication for eco-responsible fashion brands

✨New communication for eco-responsible fashion brands

Analysis of the UN report on responsible communication in fashion released in 2023. As an observer at the United Nations UNEP-WCMC I followed the masterclass on eco-responsible fashion communication focused on promoting sustainability and circularity in the textile value chain.

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Thrilled to share insights from a recent masterclass that I had the privilege to participate in to support UNEP-WCMC textile team led by Bettina Heller & Rachel Arthur focused on advancing sustainability and circularity in the textile value chain. In the aim to redefine a new communication for eco-responsible fashion brands, we worked on several ideas to improve te following principles.

🤓 New communication for eco-responsible fashion brands and their ecosystem

With whom should we develop and to whom are these recommendations addressed? To all the communication ecosystem in the broad sense. This includes brands and their marketing teams, agencies, fashion and news media, image creators, digital platforms, event players, influencers, education and entertainment sectors. training.

They will be of great help to a journalist who wishes to evaluate the lasting aspects of a story to be told. Likewise, they will assist an agency or image maker in verifying the strength of their work with a brand or retailer. Finally, they will be an essential tool for an influencer to determine if a partner is in agreement with their values or theirs.


The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook

New communication for eco-responsible fashion brands: The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook 2023 by UNEP

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Among the skills offered by Entada Textile is the creation of editorial content and the resulting indirect communication. They have the common point of responding to certain principles:

  • Based and driven by science to measure and improve impact
  • Re-imagining values: to support the paradigm shift
  • Change behaviours and practices: to involve the entire textile value chain from leaders to makers
  • Take actions for advocacy: to act on a business, civic and political scale while adapting to culture
sustainable communication schema UNEP

New communication for eco-responsible fashion brands; sustainable communication schema UNEP. P28

✨ The global roadmap we’ve explored is a game-changer for the fashion industry!

Let’s review the principles :

1: Commit to evidence-based and transparent communication efforts

 2: Ensure information is shared in a clear and accessible manner

3: Eradicate all messages encouraging overconsumption

4: Champion positive changes and demonstrate accessible circular solutions to help individuals live more sustainable lifestyles

 5: Spotlight new role models and notions of aspiration or success

 6: Focus on inclusive marketing and storytelling that celebrates the positive ecological, cultural and social values of fashion

7: Motivate and mobilise the public to advocate for broader change

 8: Support dialogue with leadership and policymakers to enable wider industry sustainability

Key Takeaways:

1️⃣ Authentic Storytelling: Consumers resonate with authenticity. Craft narratives that genuinely reflect your brand’s commitment to sustainability, fostering a deeper connection.

2️⃣ Transparency Matters: In an era of conscious consumers, transparency is paramount. Share insights into your supply chain, production processes, and material choices to build trust.

3️⃣ Collaborative Partnerships: Join forces with like-minded partners. Collaborations amplify your impact, driving positive change across the industry.

4️⃣ Digital Transformation: Leverage digital platforms to amplify your sustainable message. Engage with your audience through social media, influencers, and immersive experiences.

5️⃣ Circular Fashion Strategies: Embrace circularity in design and production, minimizing waste and environmental impact. Circular fashion is the future, and your brand can lead the way.

“The world is in a race against time. We cannot afford slow movers, fake movers or any form of greenwashing.”

António Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations, speaking at the first meeting of the High-Level Expert Group on Net-Zero Emissions* Commitments of Non-State Entities (UN 2022)

*From my point of view, carbon neutrality does not exist as such. All production pollutes. In addition, these terms will soon be banned by Greendeal or green deal regulations in Europe. Only precise and reliable impact calculations allow the declaration of carbon footprint data.

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