2024: Responsible future for the Textile Industry

2024: Responsible future for the Textile Industry


✨✨ Wishes are in the spotlight, happy new year 2024! ✨✨

Tell the future of fashion that it has a future again. This sentence spoken by the writer Alain Damasio inspired me to write this post of wishes. This year I took a longer time to write Entada Textile’s wishes. I wish us an inspired year, to be together on prototypical and prospective work, for a sustainable and responsible future in the Textile Industry. While being aware of the difficulties and uncertainties in our world.


Consideration of 2023

The past year has been a field of intense experimentation. We have pushed the boundaries of the imagination of eco-responsible fashion. First, I joined the UN as an observer for a program dedicated to chemicals and circularity, participated in the Business Convention for the Climate, accompanied a company to the Bcorp certification program. Then, I gave conferences on Eco design in sport and intra-sector collaborations for Première Vision… Finally, I wrote press articles and met great visionary CEOs like Franco Fogliato, CEO of the Salomon brand….


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At Entada Textile, we have been nourished by the mentorship of managers, in particular with the founder of the brand Les Pas Petits with whom I have worked since the beginning. I helped Sara see more clearly the creative future of her brand. I am also delighted to be asked by students from Business school and ENSAIT to answer their dissertation questions. This future generation of professionals in responsible fashion or workers in the textile sector undergoing retraining are seriously considering the subjects of responsible production and marketing. The year 2023 has had its share of challenges and happy surprises. And now…


✨ The 2024 roadmap! Foresight and innovation ✨

Prototypical Innovation

In this paragraph, let’s explore the concept of dystopia dear to Alain Damasio. First this idea illuminated our path, inspiring us to design prototypes of cutting-edge solutions for the complex challenges of the textile industry. Then, it embodies our progress towards a sustainable fashion model with a renewed imagination. Finally in 2024, let’s commit to designing a systemic culture within our companies. Let’s experiment with new ecological materials, rethink our production processes and explore circular economic models in order to finance and reduce impact. In conclusion, prototyping is the key to innovation, allowing us to test, learn and iterate quickly to create meaningful impact.

The subjects of study will be numerous:

  • Eco-design: sustainable design & sourcing
  • Circularity and sobriety
  • Extended producer responsibility and eco-contribution
  • Environmental display & responsible communication against “green” claims
  • Traceability, transparency and duty of vigilance: data management
  • CSRD: Extra-financial reporting and dual materiality
  • Commitments on plastic
  • Dangerous chemicals in the textile industry
  • Planetary limits in direct action on the textile industry
  • Re.commerce and rental the tipping point of the margin

Collective and contributory outlook in the outdoors

As scientist and surfer writer Joel de Rosnay points out, foresight is the prism through which we view the future. Together, let’s build a collective vision where the textile industry exceeds sustainability expectations. Let’s anticipate emerging trends, invest in avant-garde initiatives and create a future where fashion is synonymous with social and environmental responsibility. This work can only be done with a final ambition to do better for less impact.

After the pandemic, the sale of technical clothing was boosted by the adoption of healthier lifestyles. In 2023, I spoke about the “gorpcore” trend for Ispo Munich. This concept is expected to intensify further in 2024. Because luxury-focused brands are integrating technical elements into their collections, thus further blurring the line between functionality and style. More and more brands specializing in outdoor activities could introduce collections oriented towards this outdoor lifestyle with a contemporary aesthetic, to move towards the “Quiet Outdoor” trend. Then, the subject of starting again in digital is vital! According to the Business of Fashion & Mc Kinsey State of Fashion publication, some brands have increased their sales on Stock X by 800% in 2023.


Data 2023 Outdoor & CA


Collaborations & regenerative businesses

Let’s stimulate bold collaborations between businesses, innovators and pioneers of sustainable development. These alliances can give rise to innovative ideas and solutions that transform our industry in profound and lasting ways.
This is what I experienced at the Business Climate Convention during the presentation of the roadmap for companies in the Paca region. Let’s immediately think about the next world.


CEOs, schools and recruiters, your role in talent training is more crucial than ever. Firstly, cultivate a human perspective for the employer brand. Because tomorrow’s talent is trained to think critically, innovate and embrace diverse perspectives to solve our industry’s complex challenges. This is why, in December, the CNRS and the recruitment agency Birdeo devoted a study to employment and CSR. Among executives who work on CSR subjects, 23% are consultants and 44% are integrated. The majority of CSR professionals are women, 54% of whom are employed in multinationals. And the 3 priority issues are climate, inclusion, diversity and finance for ESG reporting. So the challenge is to move from governance to operations.


🎂 10 years of ride 🎂

In April 2024, Entada Textile will have 10 years of existence and 11 years of experience at your side. Among the inspirations for Entada Textile’s raison d’être, there is the systemic approach of Jöel de Rosnay in his book “surf life”. For a fluid and transversal society that brings together pairs around contributing companies and maker fab labs. Move from a top-down industry to a society that sees the emergence of innovative and collective solutions. I invite you to watch the video of his speech on the subject: Going beyond your intellectual, physical and sporting limits and why.

So let this be the year where we explore territories together to shape a future of fair and sustainable innovation. Let us continue our collective quest for fashion and an industry that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary and becomes a positive force. In the meantime we share our inspirations and news in the monthly newsletter, so follow us!


At the start of a new year, full of promises and challenges, I hope that these wishes touch the most enthusiastic. Those who embody a bold vision and sincerely committed to the world of responsible fashion. And that they also reach the least conquered among us, to offer an alternative to their habits. May the year 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 be a collective exploration towards prototypical and prospective horizons. These developments take time. Therefore, I wholeheartedly hope that innovation and sustainability are harmoniously intertwined to intelligently preserve and develop the textile industry in the long term.

May “our resolutions be real revolutions!”
Arthur Keller